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Residential Support


Internet Setup & WIFI Installation

We provide onsite tech support to get your internet up and running in no time


Computer Repair & Upgrade

Broken laptop screen or is your computer starting to run slow? We fix your issues and find the right solution.


Virus Protection & Removal

Your device got infected? No worries – we can make your device healthy again. And provide the right product to keep it that way.


Data Recovery

Have you lost precious pictures or important doucments? We are here to help you to recover your lost data.

Residential Support

Here For All Your Computer Needs!

At ITstuffed, we are your trusted partner for all your residential IT support needs. We understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free technology experience within your home, and we are here to make it happen.

If you’re facing challenges such as setting up and installing a reliable Wi-Fi connection, repairing or upgrading your computer, safeguarding your devices against viruses, or recovering precious data, look no further. We have the expertise and dedication to address these issues effectively.

We Solve IT For You!

Whether you’re struggling with a slow or unstable internet connection, encountering software issues, or experiencing data loss, we have the tools and expertise to resolve these problems promptly. Our comprehensive approach combines technical proficiency with personalized care, guaranteeing that your specific needs are met.

At ITstuffed, we are your dedicated partner in resolving your home IT challenges. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can rely on us to provide the optimal solutions for your technology needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in achieving a secure and efficient technology environment within your home.

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IT Solutions for Residentials Clients

We are here to assist in any IT device related query’s you may have. Please give us a call or come into our shop to speak with one of our friendly Technician’s.

Home Visits

For your convenience, we can provide IT services at your home.

Internet & Wifi Setup

We can come to your place and help to get your internet up and running efficiently.

Computer Assistance

Emails misbehaving? Pop-ups showing on your screen? Or would you like to learn how to use a certain app?

Device Repair

Laptop screen broken? PC doesn’t boot? We have a dedicated workshop where we assess your devices and repair them for you.

Device Upgrades

We can advise on the latest hardware and, based on your needs, what might be the best fit for you, so you can get the most out of it.

Anti Virus By Emsisoft

We use and recommend Emsisoft, a New Zealand based provider, to keep your device/s safe and secure.

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Why People Choose Us

At ITstuffed, we are proud of being more than just a service provider. We’re connected to the local community, and that makes all the difference. When people choose us, they’re not just getting technical expertise; they’re becoming part of a supportive network. Our commitment to local causes, sponsorships, and outreach programs further solidifies our bond with the people we serve.

Over the years we have earend the trust of our community, which is reflected by the high number of returning customers.

Local Store

We are a local business, our shop is in the sea side suburb of New Brighton, Christchurch.

Personalised Estimates

We can offer estimates for new products, devices or repairs on current devices.


We also offer education  to help you better understand your hard- & software. Just book in with one of our Technicians!

Quick Service

We have tailored services available to make a quick turn-around on your devices possible for you.

We Come To You

We are happy to see you at home for the more involved IT problems.


Providing Technology Solutions For Your Success