About Us

ITstuff[ed] is a local, family-owned IT business based in New Brighton, Christchurch.

We strive to offer you the best quality service at affordable rates.
Our highly trained and experienced computer technicians can come to you and are able to explain in easy-to-understand ways exactly what they are doing, so that you can follow and understand without all the unnecessary jargon.
We believe in investing in our community and playing our part by helping other start-ups and non-profit organisations.

Meet our passionate team of computer technicians!



Daniel, orignally from Austria, studied Information Technology and Business for 5 years. After doing his Civil Service as a paramedic, Daniel found a passion for helping people. He completed his Diploma of Nursing in 2013.

Upon gaining his diploma, Daniel decided to travel for a while and moved to Mexico for 6 months where he worked as an Au Pair. There he taught German while also learning Spanish. From there he traveled south to Belize where he met his now wife, Shelley. They continued traveling together through Central and South America and moved to Shelley’s hometown of Christchurch in 2015.
Daniel first worked for an IT company as a mobile computer technician and reignited his passion for IT, while also utilising his other passion of helping people.

In early 2016 Daniel was offered a position as a support coordinater for The Cancer Society where he still works part time.
In early 2017 Daniel created ITstuff[ed], working primarily in evenings and weekends until building the business to where it is today.

Originally from Latvia, Ivars studied electrical and power engineering in Riga Technical University. He had always had an interest in computers and IT since his early school years. Ivars gained his skills and experience through DIY projects and the odd job helping people within his community. He then moved into the role of IT Manager in the Latvian War Museum in Riga.
After 6 years he set off on a cycling tour across Eastern Europe and Asia with 2 friends to reach the furthest place from Latvia – Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands.

Ivars met his partner, Amber, in Christchurch and settled here in 2016. Having worked in a variety of fields in New Zealand, he  started to look for ways on how to use his passion for gadgets and technology to help others again. This is when a quick chat in the kitchen between two friends became a job opport unity with Daniel and ITstuff[ed] and Ivars joined the team early 2018.