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A while back one of the work phones at Pregnancy Help Canterbury, a charity based in New Brighton, was damaged. Unfortunately, the data was not easily or economically recoverable . This event raised a few questions which we were happy to answer and implement solutions for – all of this at our special non-profit rates because we value the importance of the work they do in the community.

  1. What is the best way of backing up my mobile phone
  2. How can we access photos from our mobile phone

This week we have been busy setting up mobile phone backups for the wonderful ladies at Pregnancy Help Canterbury. They are a charity supporting parents and parents to be across Canterbury.

We set up a backup for Dahlia and Sarah on the Pregnancy Help Canterbury mobile phone. This is to ensure their information would be safe if anything were to happen to the phone again.

A backup in their case means all of their photos and other precious information is stored in the cloud. As they are using Android Phone and they have made the most of the Google for Non-Profit offer there was no ambiguity where information should be stored.

While setting up the back-up we also recommended steps to improve a crucial parts of their workflow: accessing photos from the phone on their computer. Here again, we made the most of the services offered by Google for Non-profit Organisations. All this is easily accessible through TechSoup New Zealand.

We also recently updated their laptop to Windows 10 and installed Microsoft Office 2019. Here too, Pregnancy Help made the most of software offers from Microsoft!

It’s been a pleasure to work with this amazing local charity.

Do you know a charity or non-profit that could need some help with their IT needs? Tag them in the comments below.

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