IT Solutions for Businesses

ITstuff[ed] cares about your business – We provide a solution oriented approach that suits your needs.

We will find out more about your IT needs in an initial meeting, which can be held in person, in a video conference or a phone call.
Working together, we will assess your current situation and find the right solutions for you. This will be packaged in an easy to understand proposal, which will be the foundation for our project.

For more detailed information, please read on below.

IT Support for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

ITstuff[ed] has helped many businesses all over New Zealand to get the most out of their IT systems.

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Microsoft 365

We can help you transition your workplace to Microsoft 365 and show you how to utilise a modern, secure solution.

Microsoft 365 combines email services, file sharing, collaboration suite, mobile device management and more into one easy to use system.

We have migrated many clients into a modern work place, helping them to achieve an efficient and secure environment.

As an official Microsoft Partner we have the knowledge and resources to help you make the move.

Business Grade Network & WiFi

Based on your business requirements, we will create the right network solution for you.

We will ensure that

  • Your network is secure.
  • Your network is ready for the speed you require.
  • Your customers have access to WiFi while waiting.
  • We allow for any additional requirements (VoIP, POS,…).

Our first priority is always to keep your network safe. Whether you are in an office space or own a cafe, no one should have network access to your internal business assets, like computers, cellphones or printers.

ICT Equipment Procurement

Working together, with your understanding of your business needs and our knowledge of the latest hardware and software, we can advise you and provide quotes on the right equipment for you.

We can procure your IT equipment and software at a very competitive price. We can also pre-configure any business laptop or desktop so that they are ready for use when they arrive at your doorstep.

ITstuff[ed] sources high quality products and we are able to find a solution that fits any budget.

Additionally, we work with specialised leasing agents. This allows us to offer any equipment for a small monthly fee rather than large upfront costs. These fees are, just like an outright purchase, GST deductable.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a modern way of working, fusing many familiar tools, like GMail and Google Drive, into a business class suite.

As an official Google Partner, we are able to help you transition into Google Workspace for your business.

Customer Reviews

Daniel was fantastic - was able to sort my issues out immediately - highly recommend them!!! - Thank you ITstuff(ed)

Kane Robinson Avatar Kane Robinson
December 2, 2020

Thanks Daniel for an informative and constructive meeting at my place. Your solutions suits a small business like mine with options to grow as required. IT is an area that is easy to ignore when things get busy and but it's so important! Thanks for the advice, looking forward to hearing more and implementing my tailored plan for email, security and more. Monique Clow Admin for Tradies Ltd

Monique Clow Avatar Monique Clow
October 29, 2021

Fantastic service! Quick and done to perfection. I called a couple places for quotes and not only was ITstuff[ed] the best quote, but they were the only ones that actually explained what needed to be done. Great customer service and highly recommended. 👍

Tim McLeod Avatar Tim McLeod
March 7, 2021