COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Services

Additonally to people who are working in essential services, working or studying from home, we can now provide our services to all home users.

We will be offering the following IT services:

Contactless computer repairs:

We can come to you to contactlessly collect your computer if it needs to be physically repaired. After the repair is done, we will drop it back off to you. We can now obtain most parts required for repairs again. We use all the necessary safety and hygiene practises and clean all parts and surfaces of your computer/device before and after repairing.

In some cases we can repair your computer by remotely accessing your computer. Where this is possible, we will offer this as well.

WiFi installation and setup:

We can provide equipment to improve your WiFi performance at home. Most of this can be done contact less. In some instances we would need to do some installations in your home – if this is the case, we will let you know and talk the scenario through with you. We are able to do this using all necessary precautions and hygiene and safety practices as recommended by MBIE.

Microsoft 365 and GSuite migration:

We can migrate your old email and colaboration suite to either Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) or GSuite. We can help with making a decision on what would be the better solution for you.

Webdesign & hosting:

If you want to trade in level 3 by selling your product online, we can get you set up quickly with a simple and easy to manage website to get you started.

Please note: At alert level 3 we cannot accept computers being dropped off to our premises. Invoices will be emailed and can be paid by bank transfer. If you prefer to pay by credit card, please let us know. Terms and conditions apply

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