Computer Repairs for Residential Clients

We have been providing in home IT support to residential customers since 2017.

We strive to build long-standing relationships with our clients, which shows with our repeat customers.
That’s because we deeply care about you and your computer troubles.

When you contact us with a computer issue, you can expect us to assess each problem individually. We will provide several suitable options and explain pros and cons in an easy to understand manner. We will work with you to get your computer sorted as quickly as possible.

IT Support for Residential Computer Users

ITstuff[ed] has left many happy customers.

Book your appointment today and find out what makes us different.


Computer Repairs & Upgrades

We repair and upgrade all laptop and desktop computers.
Whether it’s your Windows PC bombarding you with error messages or a blank screen on your MacBook; we will assess the underlying problem, present you with viable options and find the right solution to get you going again.

Pop-up windows? Ads everywhere? These are indicators that you have caught a virus *atchoo*. We can get rid of viruses and malware and set you up with appropriate protection for the future and keep your private information safe.

Does your computer take more than a minute to start up? That’s too long! Let us help you save time in the future with an upgrade of your Desktop PC, Laptop or Apple Mac parts.

Are you wanting to upgrade your household or home office equipment but the idea of it is too daunting? We can do it all for you! We will consult with you to find out exactly what you need and provide quotes for your set up, and install everything for you. Easy-peasy.

WiFi setup & installation

We can install and configure your WiFi to your needs.
We will keep your WiFi security in mind while we make it as convenient as possible for you to use all of your devices at the same time; anything from your Smart Phone to your Smart TV all the way to your Laptop and Desktop PC.

Having trouble with slow internet speed while all of your devices are connected?
– Yes, we are looking at you Smart TV! Let us assess your WiFi and find out where the bottle neck is and take the wait out of your streaming.

If you have spotty coverage in that far corner in your office or the sleep-out on the other end of your property – we will advise on the best options for you and find the right solution to boost your WiFi coverage.

Virus Protection & Removal

Do you get nasty pop-ups on your screen? Have you received a call and has someone taken control of your computer and is now demanding money?

We can help!

We partner with one of the leading Anti-Malware companies in the world – and they are based in New Zealand. Meet EmsiSoft Business and Enterprise Security.

And because we also work with larger businesses, you get enterprise security for a home user price!

In-home tuition

Do you want to use your computer more efficiently? What is WhatsApp and how do I use it?

Do you have questions on how to use your computer or mobile phone? Get in touch with us, tell us about your goals and we will prepare a tailored session for you – 1 on 1 or in groups.

Our approach is to tell, show and get you to do it – and if you get stuck in the future: we are only one phone call away!

Customer Reviews

Daniel was fantastic - was able to sort my issues out immediately - highly recommend them!!! - Thank you ITstuff(ed)

Kane Robinson Avatar Kane Robinson
December 2, 2020

Recommended for top notch service. Very happy again now the laptop is back. All photo, note files, plus bookmarks were all saved too!

Dezignzhub New Zealand Origin Avatar Dezignzhub New Zealand Origin
March 11, 2021

The service could not have been easier, or more efficient! In the morning 8.30am I found out my computer screen would not turn on, by 9.30am my computer was picked up (the office is just around the corner) and by 5.30pm I had my computer back and working perfectly. All at a very fair and reasonable price. A family run business where you can feel the love, honesty and the professionalism - IT Stuffed is the sort of business you want to sing and dance (and tell your friends and colleagues about).

Verity Mace Avatar Verity Mace
August 5, 2021