Boost your Wi-Fi

Do you have to use your phone to ask on your local Facebook group if the internet is down or is it just your Wi-Fi connection (again)?

Do you have a fast Internet connection but can’t get the speed you are expecting? Do you need to restart the wireless network router your internet provider has given to you every couple of days?

Imagine: You got the popcorn ready in a bowl. You’ve turned the light down and found a super comfy space on the couch.
You press play.
All you can see, instead of the movie of your choice, is a loading screen.

How long do you wait before you restart your router?

If any of these scenarios sound too familiar – don’t despair, there is usually an easy solution to this type of problem.

Most of the time it is a Wi-Fi Router that isn’t powerful enough. Usually, replacing the modem that was provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a more powerful Wi-Fi Router solves these problems.

Together with Quirk Electronics, a local computer hardware online retailer, we have compiled a list of three different Wi-Fi Routers in different pricing categories for different use cases.
Again, with any of our local collaborations, Quirk will supply the equipment and ITstuff[ed] will provide the expertise to get you set up.

Any questions or do you want to book an appointment:

Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh System

Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh System

A premium solution for hassle free super-fast Wi-Fi.

Stream at high quality without buffering. With award-winning tri-band mesh WiFi technology, you always get the fastest internet speeds available.

Orbi blankets the whole home with steady WiFi so you can stream wherever you want, without worry. No more running around looking for a stable internet connection

From $350 including setup
Add satelites for increased Wi-Fi range to get to that spot out in your garage

TP Link Decor Wi-Fi Access Point

TP-Link Deco Wi-Fi Access Point

This is an add-on to your existing router to reach the far points of your home or your sleep-out.

With advanced Mesh Technology, units work together to form one unified whole-home network with the same network name. Devices automatically switch between Decos as you move through your home for the fastest possible speeds.

From $300 including setup
Add more devices for increased Wi-Fi range

TP Link Archer Wi-Fi Router

TP-Link Archer Wi-Fi Router

Are you over restarting your Router? This powerful router will solve this problem for you!

This modem/router combination makes full use of its Wi-Fi abilities by providing combined dual band Wi-Fi. 2.4GHz is perfect for everyday surfing and emailing, 5GHz provides lag-free HD streaming and gaming.

From $250 including setup

Are you looking for a business solution or don’t know which one to pick from:

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